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  1. First of all welcome to Fiverr My number one advice, is to fully understand the philosophy of the platform that you have decided to offer your services. Fiverr is not a platform, it is the best platform in the world that offers freelancing services on demand for the lean entrepreneur. Best of luck
  2. it is great opportunity to the seller
  3. Welcome to Fiverr Forum community.
  4. Best wishes and good luck bro
  5. Great, and maybe next will be Three?
  6. sounds like an great opportunity that could be worth the try!
  7. Brother you can share your gig in social media specially twitter linkedin. I hope you will get many buyer
  8. Looks like typical scam. I remember, when I just registered on Fiverr, it was 2018, I fell into similar trap, but the "buyer" was so friendly. As the result, one week of work for free. It was the best lesson ever. Fiverr CS told what they actually had to tell me - sorry, but we can't help you. And they was totally right. some buyers think that sellers will do everything to get an order and disrespect all the sellers. This is the best example of the worst buyer
  9. You have to learn work professionally. and you have to increase your community skills and share your gig in social media
  10. answer some common questions. You will get that benefit by adding a FAQ.
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