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  1. Hi Thanks for your message... I did miss some messages but they were not asking for a response and thats when i noticed I went from 5 to 7. A few days ago I went to 5 and then I went to 7 hrs and I have been responding to everything including with a 'Thanks' and Your welcome' and it still at 7 hours I wouldn't want buyers with a quick turnaround to think I spend 7 hours replying when I dont! Thanks
  2. Hi Guys My Inbox response time has gone from 1 hr and is now switching between 5hr and 7hr. I think this is because I haven't replied to messages from some buyers. The reason for not replying is because a response isn't needed. e.g. If a buyer says 'thanks' or 'great' or 'ok' Do I need to respond to this? It seems strange to respond when not needed. How does this work. Do I just give a thumbs up emoji every time? Thanks
  3. Hi Guys A buyer has ordered a writing service from me but he hasn't submitted the requirements. It's been 8 days. I have messaged and he has been online during that period with no answer. (the time clock hasn't started (see attachment) Does this effect my response time and rate? Thanks
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    Hello Is there a way to mark my profile as 'away' for a day or so that if I don't respond to any messages it doesn't effect my inbox response rate? I see some people with a snooze icon next to their profile name. What does that indicate? Thanks
  5. Hi If a customer makes a purchase the clock starts ticking. If I have agreed with them that I can start work 2 days after the purchase and they agree to it can I delay the order? Or do I have to extend the delivery time and then get the customer to accept it? Thanks
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