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  1. Hi can anyone please help me in getting first order I've been trying so much I shared my gigs to all social media and I also do buyers request and I don't know what should I do more kindly help me out.
  2. Hi Im facing issue on my buyer request I can't send request to any one and whenever I tried to send it fivers says you can't perfom this action. Kindly help me out what should I do
  3. Actually I didn't know anything about it will you please guide me
  4. But there is no buyer request I check every day and it's empty
  5. Hi my name is Zar-Nigar I'm a nutritionist and I've created fiver account a very long time ago and I haven't received any order I have also shared my gigs to several platforms but it didn't work. I don't know what should I do. Kindly if someone have any suggestion please help me out Thanks ☺️
  6. If there's any improvement or change if you think kindly please suggest 😊
  7. Hi I'm new in fiver and I want my first order how can I do this please help me out
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