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  1. This is supposed to be an easy 1-day gig as usual. The buyer submitted the requirement but give me the wrong credential to access the website!! The buyer said that he/she will look into it. This is the last message I received. Since then, there is no respond Now the order is late, I contacted the CS since it was 2 hours before it's due, and I don't know what to do. He/she was online many times when I sent reminder messages, like 5 messages, still no response. (Feel like stalking my crush when I was a teenager lol) What did before it past due, I submitted to extend the delivery time. The buyer also ignore the request. So I let it be late and I just cancelled the order. I am stress out and I am so tired now, and the thing is the price of this order is only $10. 😞 I have been reading in the forum, trying to find the solution but there is no conclusion. So I followed the answer that fit me the most. ( I don't agree with deliver unfinished work or blank, feel so wrong) I wonder how to prevent this kind of situation in the future and why when people online, they don't respond to the message, at least acknowledge the message or give some indication to solve the problem. This is my first experience with the buyer who doesn't not response. Feel free to share your idea.
  2. This is my first time that buyer ask me to cancel the order because I refuse to communicate outside Fiverr. We had quite a long negotiation and then we came to agreement on the price. The buyer mention that his team will contact me and tell me what to do, as I thought it would go through fiverr, may be he shared his account with the team. So I created an offer as we agreed, after he buyer placed order, he asked for my Whatsapp, which I refuse in a politely and friendly way because I don't want to be banned from Fiverr. And then the buyer said if I couldn't give my Whatsapp he will have to cancel the order. So what choice do I have but cancel the order. I don't like being sneaky and break the rules. And now the buyer blocks me 😞 My gig is upload content to Wordpress. So far, I work well for other clients just to communicate through Fiverr, I see no need to communicate on Whatsapp. I have just start working on Fiverr 2 months ago and I work so hard trying to keep my standard. I just feel like it's not fair when you trying to follow the rule but the rule is not actually helping you. I submit a ticket to customer service, to see what I can do with my completion rate, waiting for their responds now. Just want to hear, has anyone have this problem before? And how to deal with it? I'm feel down now 😞
  3. Thank you so much, very useful. I also have a question about the email. Buyers ask for my email to add me as an admin on his WordPress site to manage. He also state very clear that the communication and payment will go through Fiverr only. In this case, after he place the order, can I give him my email? I am new on fiverr, and things going well here, I don't want to be banned. Thank you in advance.
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