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  1. Hello Fiverr community Team, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to seek clarification on a situation that has recently come to my attention. One of my top clients has been banned from the Fiverr platform for reasons unknown to me. Today, he reached out to me through another account, allowing me to recognize him. I am committed to maintaining transparency and want to ensure that I comply with Fiverr's Terms of Service. Therefore, I am seeking guidance on whether it is appropriate for me to continue working with this client on Fiverr or I should block him, considering he is now using a different account following the ban of his previous one. I have no knowledge of the specific reasons for the client's account ban, and I am reaching out to Fiverr customer support to understand the platform's policy on working with clients in such circumstances. Thank you for your time and assistance in providing clarity on this matter.
  2. Please consider the following situation and answer me accordingly. Where "Robert" and "David" are random names for instance. Ths situation and question: Robert and David are both Level-1 sellers on the platform Fiverr and have known each other through Instagram prior to connecting on Fiverr. David initiated a conversation on Fiverr by reaching out to Robert through his Fiverr account and messaging him on both Fiverr and Instagram. As a result of this, Robert became confused and mistakenly asked David to communicate only on Instagram through Fiverr's inbox, which could have led to Robert's permanent disabling of his account. To avoid potential violations, Robert quickly asked David to communicate only on Fiverr, while David tried to cover for Robert by claiming that he had forced Robert to communicate on Instagram. To avoid any potential violations, David deactivated his Fiverr account. Several months later, David's account was reactivated and he resumed messaging Robert on Fiverr. Robert, being cautious, asked David not to communicate on Fiverr to avoid potential violations. Despite this, David continued to message Robert, leading Robert to block David's account to protect both their accounts. However, both Robert and David received emails from Fiverr indicating that their accounts had been permanently disabled due to conducting business outside of Fiverr, which they were both confused about as they had not conducted any business outside the platform. David attempted to reopen his account through the Fiverr Customer Support team, but his request was not successful. Robert, on the other hand, was able to restore his account by explaining the situation to the Customer Support team after they found no violations upon rechecking his account. When Robert informed David that his account had been restored, David became angry and accused Robert of not caring about him as a friend. Robert, feeling ashamed of his actions, now wants to contact the Fiverr Customer Support team to request a recheck and reopening of David's permanently disabled account. The outcome of this request is uncertain and there is the possibility that it may lead to Robert's account being disabled again. So the question is, what should Robert do?
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