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  1. I got these suggestions from Fiver customers support . and i did get advantage of it . and its my personal experience as well . That these work. Might be some of the factors that i suggested worked but i don't know which one worked so I added all here
  2. You can get orders as well if you use LINKEDIN for sharing your gig or there a lot of groups on Facebook as well . You can share it their as well .
  3. Hi , People who are claiming that Same title is not right , Then please see my post carefully . I mentioned that do not write same title . But you have to put title which is SEO based . which can be found by customers easily . And its working 100% . Its my personal experience . When Your gig is in search engine you will get more audience and it will rank your gig . For example if You are Graphic design expert and you give title like ( I will help in graphic designing ) Efficient title would be to make it more specific like ( I will make creative logos , business cards ) etc. . Because customers while searching for Logo designer would never search Graphic designing they would for sure write logo maker. Hope You got it . what i am trying to say
  4. You would have seen that People are saying they will rank your gigs. You could do it yourself I would share important factors with you that will help you in ranking your gig . 1: Search for services on fiver that you are best in . Then see what is their Title . Write title which is not copy past of that but write title like that . 2: In Tags , select those tags which are according to the title . 3: Use title and tags in the description for 4 to 5 times. 4: Upload video in which you will have to show that how you would solve problems for clients related to your gig title . 5: Promote your gigs in social medias. 6: Bid as many customers request as you can . and write proposal in which you have to show a unique and efficient solution for the problem .
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