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  1. yeah i think some of the fake buyers may have reported but i dont know for sure. but still fiverr should ever take care of that on logic basis not just blind customer support.
  2. What i am about to say is truly honest and right out of heart of what i feel and what fiverr should do. #fiverrdoesntcare I Joined Fiverr like in 2018 mid i think. i wont be boring you with how i worked and what i did i will be simply telling you my whole experience with fiverr. just save this post and copy paste it because it might not be here for long time. After long period of hard work and making nearly $100k on fiverr with average of 450$ per order i think fiverr might ban me now. I offer marketing service and i have gotten fiverr choice badge like 20 times in last 6 months on my multiple gigs. i always had 5.0 to 4.9 rating max. 500+ reviews i think and only 1 star because of my own mistake as i couldn't deliver so buyer had every right to give 1 star rating i admit and other than that never again 1 star rating. Long story short i waited for almost 11-13 months after i reached my $20k target in order to become top rated seller but it never happened. i understand that and i respect that as well because its a hand picked category and fiverr can choose whoever they want. in my 3-4 years of working with fiverr 3 times their system mistakenly sent me violations and fiverr removed it as well so i thought i was clear. so again no violation my account is fully clean and ready and many of you may even know as i was literally the most expensive seller on fiverr because honestly i believe in quality so my tools were expensive so there for i was expensive. Out of no where almost 3 weeks back fiverr sent me an email saying my account is being reviewed right now as i bought few things because i was trying to manipulate their system. i asked them for proof and they said they cant share so i gave them my proof with logic and showed them my history of every gig i ever bought for personal use but still no valid respond from them. I work on Upwork as well but never in my whole life i felt so helpless than i am talking to fiverr customer support. i think many would agree that they don't really care about finding a solution for us or giving us any suggestion or even telling us what happened and what was the reason. we seller never know what happened and why it happened as most of the time agent says "they cannot disclose any details" i heard this like milllon times. anybody can come and place the order get the work done and then open a dispute and fiverr will give the buyer money back without even talking to seller or at least asking them what is the problem. this is a very common scam done by even VID sellers that i think fiverr has no idea because THEY DONT CARE WE SELLERS HAVE NO PROTECTION FROM FRAUD OR EVEN FIVERR ITSELF! SELLER DONT EVEN GET THE HELP WE DESERVE FROM FIVERR SELLERS ARE ALWAYS KEPT IN DARK THERE IS NO SECURITY TO FOR OUR ASSEST Fiverr if you are reading this please listen carefully and listen now because honestly you guys need to there is no other option! It only takes one crazy person to either mess or create a whole big vision. if you don't start giving a sh*t about your sellers you will be only left with buyers and nobody who is selling. many people are already shifting to new Upwork marketplace it wont take very long before you loose the trust of your long time loyal sellers like me. EVEN IF YOU JUST GIVE 10% ATTENTION TO SELLERS INSTEAD OF 100% TO YOUR BUYER TRUST ME THINGS WILL TURN GOOD. Now i have nearly $11K worth of orders and first i was able to withdraw my funds now i cant even do that anymore. THIS IS MY STORY! AND MY EXPERIENCE WITH FIVERR. #fiverrdoesntcare i got more to say and i will keep on writing again. thanks for reading means a lot and i know many of you wont agree with me but just imagine if you go to jail for a crime you didn't do then how would you feel ?
  3. Super Interested! Would Love to learn more! please invite 🙂
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