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  1. Congrats, I'm still on 1 but i Just got fiverr's choice on my gig
  2. I don't care about the buyers, I care about my business, if a buyer is trying to ruin my business, I'll never be nice to him, if a buyer is good and helpful, I'll treat him like a brother, that's how I do my business
  3. your last delivery was 2 days ago dude, you're doing great!
  4. I just saw the 1 star review and actually it's the only review on your account, and it's too bad and saying you're a scammer and you blocked the buyer after asking for a refund, actually fiverr is about building trust with your customers, not just for earning!
  5. the only thing you need to know is you'll always get a customer, as a seller with no reviews you'll get your first customer within the first 3 days or within the first month just don't leave because after that customer that's the start of your joureny. for seller who already successful but faced like a week or 2 weeks with no orders, that's not your fault that's nothing to do with your gig, it's only fiverr's going down on traffic on that exact period or something similar, stays calm, and wait and everything will be back to normal again. for me some days I get 10 clicks with no orders, some days I get 3 clicks and 7 customers, otherdays I'm ranked number 1 on fiverr and some other days I'm ranked over 20 on fiverr, the trick is don't panic just listen to some music keep your fiverr's notifecations on or the fiverr's tab open on desktop and play some chess or learn more about the business you're offering! I don't even know if I'm right or wrong, but that's the way I'm doing my things!
  6. You can always say no, always remember you don't need every single person on fiverr, just pass one and wait for another, there's people that doesn't deserve to be treated nice!
  7. This is not something you can say to a company, they see you as one of their 100000 sellers you can come and go or be replaced anytime, just ask for the reason, because saying restore my gig or I will make you restore won't solve anything, and I'm sure you can't make them, really sorry but, this is the reality!
  8. try to get more reviews, I'm not gonna explain more but for everyone who want to get ranked higher try to get more positive reviews!
  9. Bad review does mean nothing, you'll still get customers and everything, don't ever get scared because of that and always avoid cheap customers, they always asks a lot poor minded people, don't too nice to customers, be kinda serious a little bit nice to customers like that
  10. I have 3 months of experience on fiverr, I've already reached level 1, I've had been in ups and downs a lot, but I never stopped, once I've cancelled 2 orders in a row, that made my gigs incredibly low ranked, so I messaged all my previous customers with an 80% off if they order in that week, and I got like 7 or 8 orders from that with 5 stars rating, fiverr gave me a warning because I did that, but I got my gigs ranked again!
  11. Finally After 2 months and half I've completed all the goals to become a Level One Seller, I'm really waiting for the evaluation on aug 15!
  12. This month I had so much orders and tips from new and returning clients I have so much returning clients, it might be the reason, Also, I've never had a negative review
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