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  1. I am honestly fed up with BR. It's been two weeks, and it keeps getting worse. First, it was showing the exact 5 requests for a whole week. Now new requests are piling up with old requests that are from May!! I contacted CS about it like three times. They said they are working on it, and that after a few days things will be fine. Yesterday, I noticed that fiverr was down for a moment, and buyers requests seemed to be normal but it was normal for JUST AN HOUR. And what's soooo weird is the same old requests have less to zero offers. Even the new ones have nooo offers, and they'll have nooo offers the whole day and also those that have offers, their offers will seemingly decrease. The whole thing is a mess. I have tried "manually" removing the old requests but they always come back! Didn't know to put this as a ranting plot, report bug, or fiverr questions, but whatever. Is anyone experiencing this? Has anyone's BR been normal since yesterday after fiverr was down? And has anyone sent offers lately, and has gotten responses?
  2. You haven't really answered my question.
  3. With time, will it go back to normal?
  4. Hello, everyone. I've recently become a level One seller. So I'd like to know how being a level one seller helped you drastically with gig ranking and orders. And if your experience as a new seller was better than being a level 1 seller Also, I'd like to know the benefits you have/had as a level 1 seller in your personal experience. ( I don't mean you mention those " create up to 10 gigs" etc)
  5. No, I don't think last delivery time affects anything.
  6. One last tip Offer less than the budget. But what I mean is if the request has a budget of $25, offer $15, (or $10 if you think the job is easy for you.) But don't offer $5 if the request has a budget of let's say $50. The buyer will think your quality of work is bad, or you might attract a bad buyer. Most cases, a buyer will state that they want a specfic number like "10 icons, 5 essays etc". Include the price for each thing in your offer. For example "I offer $5 for each icon" and then you put the total as your price = $50
  7. I forgot to mention this. Don't waste your time on sending offers to requests that have 50 or more offers sent (these are for newbies with no review) But if you are a newbiew with reviews, don't waste time sending to those that have 70, 95 etc or more offers sent
  8. I didn't know it was this long. Hope you read it
  9. Hi! Everyone. I'd like to share my tips on buyer requests. I know they are alot of forums on this but I'd like to share my own tips and my experience I'm a new seller. I joined fiverr back in April. It took me almost 2 months to get my first order. I'd send 10 requests everyday, hoping to get my first order. I read so many articles, watched videos, did almost any kind of research on this buyer request but no orders, and then one day I finally got orders. Not one but two orders. Since then, most of my orders come from buyers request, and I'm about to become a level 1 seller I want to share my tips so that you don't have to go through all that. Being a new seller with no reviews is difficult. You have no reviews to show that what you do has integrity, and that makes things tough. But every seller was a new seller at one point. If you're a new seller with no reviews. You only have words that you'll type to send that offer that has to captivate the buyer. But don't get me wrong, these tips are for New seller with reviews and no reviews Tip 1: if you're new and wonder why you see little to no requests, the reason is you mostly likely have just 1 active gig. Atleast have 4 gigs running but not on the same category. Even better, maximize your gigs. For example: you're a graphic designer. You can have a gig on vector illustration, logo designing, t-shirt merchandise design, anime design etc. Requests depend on the type of service (category) you provide. This way, you'll have more requests on different services you provide. Tip 2: NEVER EVER send the same template offer to every single request. PLEASE DON'T DO THAT. And DON'T COPY OFFERS "Hello, I've worked for the past blaaaah blah years. I'm experienced blah blah. I'm profressional blah blaahhh." You're new please, how will they know that you're a professional with ZERO reviews. "I've understood that you.. (copied and pasted the requirement the buyer needs) blah" They are buyers that can SENSE that you just copied and pasted their requirements without understanding it. Most buyers can KNOW if your offer is just a template with no meaning. These buyers are human, and you are human. Treat them with a humanly response. Read carefully and tell them what you've understood in your own perspective, and if you feel you have an idea of how to go about it, tell them the idea. This will show that you've read their request and buyers will be interested. Tip 3: Ask questions when NECESSARY. I know most of these articles say "Always ask questions. You're not obliged to ask questions because requests are different. Some requests have little requirements and others have stated exactly everything they need. But even those requests that have stated everything they need, can make you wonder what exactly else they need. Read carefully. If there's something you havent understood or you feel something is missing in their requirements. ASK. For example: Some buyers can write a whole story about what they need as an illustration, but you're not sure what type of illustration they want. Ask. Example 2: "I'm looking for someone to make a YouTube thumbnail for my videos" and you might ask yourself for what kind of videos, is it motivational videos, gaming videos? You obviously have such questions in your head. So ask them when you ecounter such requests. Tip 4: Don't let desperation get to you. There are 3 points in this. 1. You're new and you desperately want a review or more reviews, and by doing this you lower your value of your work to get a review. What I mean by this. Is that you offer to some requests that don't make sense. They ask for something that should be worth like $100 but they say their budget is $5. Don't do that to yourself. Don't waste your precious time and don't devalue your precious services all for a review. When you come across such. Don't waste your time and try to send an offer. Run as far as you can from such. 2. NEVER Contact the buyers. PLEASE NEVER DO THAT. You don't want to get spammed, do you? Let the buyer contact YOU, not the other way round. Even if you desperately need the job and you know you can exactly do what they want. Just don't All buyers that you can contact, joined as sellers. It's only sellers that can have a "contact me" button. Correct me if I'm wrong. 3. Don't offer to requests that you know you CAN'T do the job. Don't ever do that. Tip 5 Make sure that in your offer, you state "Contact me". You can say "Contact me if you're interested in working with me" etc Why? Is because you're reducing your chances of cancelling your order. You and your buyer have to be sure that you're fit for the job. Some buyers might contact you and ask for a free sample or sketch. Make sure that what you're sending has your WATERMARK. Some buyers steal your hard work services
  10. I don't think customer support would have done anything
  11. Hi! Everyone, I got my first cancellation. Not happy about it, but it happens. My cancellation was due to the buyer not really being clear about what they wanted and we just had to mutually cancel it. So I was almost heading towards level 1 seller, even though I have completed 7 orders. My completion rate is at 88% and I have 1 cancelled order. I'd like to know how many orders I need to complete to reach 90%
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    Help me!

    Okay, thank you so much
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    I was going through buyers requests, and I came across a request that I was very interested in, but the request had shallow information about what was wanted to be done. So I sent a proposal asking for more information and more details about the project. But no response, I just got an order after a few hours. I ask again for more info, but the buyer still sends little to no information about what he wants. He just sent me photo of a confusing "concept". But dont get me wrong, I could do what he wants me to do, but I can't without him explaining further. I keep on asking him questions, and the last thing he said is "You don't have to get the concept, you should just design it". Now how can I design when he has barely explained anything happening on the photo? I'm afraid this might go south. I'm afraid the buyer might find me annoying. I'm afraid he'll just cancel the order. So I have no idea what to do. Although, I'm wondering if there is a way of cancelling the order without it affecting my cancellation rate. Note: I'm a new seller, I've done a few orders so far
  14. Okay, I guess have to wait a couple of months then
  15. Thank you so much? I didn’t see how I mispelt that? and thanks for the tips
  16. Hello. I’ve been on fiverr for a month now. I’ve been looking on ways to get my first order and buyer request is one of them. I’ve sent many responses to buyer request but still nothing. So how I do you make a great response to buyer requests
  17. Oh. Here are the links to my gigs Fiverr.com Natphiri: I will remove background from any photo for $5 on fiverr.comFor only $5, Natphiri will remove background from any photo. | I will remove the background from any photo using photoshop and its tools.Any questions, feel free to contact me.Complex photos for background removal, please contact | Fiverr Fiverr.com Natphiri: I will create a flat illustration of people using adobe illustrator...For only $5, Natphiri will create a flat illustration of people using adobe illustrator. | Hi!I will design a custom flat vector illustration with High Quality and details.You will receive an amazing piece of art just the way you want | Fiverr
  18. Thanks. But I would like people to review my gigs and tell me what they think of it
  19. Hello. I’ve been on Fiverr for a month, and I don’t know what else to do to get a customer. I don’t know if it’s my profile picture, I don’t know if it’s the description of my gigs. I’ve tried everything : I’ve read so many articles, researched and watched YouTube videos, sent alot of proposals to buyer requests. I dont know what I’m doing wrong
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