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  1. My fiverr account is not ranking need tips from sellers. Please check my gig and tell me What is wrong with my gig and Share your valuable advice. Thank you. My gig: https://www.fiverr.com/zeckkin
  2. Need suggestions as a new seller.
  3. So I need tips from you to how new sellers get order.
  4. Promoted gigs got first pages. And new seller gig definitely on last
  5. My question for seller: Is promoted gigs good for new seller, I have created an account since may but got few orders. Top rated seller Defrauded us, why?
  6. download the fiverr app in your mobile and and set alarmic tone from the settings. I am sure it will help.
  7. No, You shouldn’t, wait fiverr will contact you. But what was the reason that fiverr restricted your account.
  8. My younger brother wants to create an account, I want to confirm that, is it possible? More, Both are with the same nitch but different devices. Thanks alot.
  9. Hope you are doing well. You should go to your profile picture icon at top right corner then select settings, first option on that page is for email address. regards
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