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  1. Welcome bro srry am not a webdevloper so I dont have knowledge about that its better you can judge by yourself.Now question how can you judge yourself right? The great thing if you compare your and your competitor gig you get the wrong side of your gig and try to improve this. Thank you so much for your response hope you doing well
  2. Hey Sharmin Look fiverr not instant sell platform if you want to get order you need to study and promote your service very professionally and try to anylisis your competitor gig to take some knowledge from them.Try to make your gig eyecatcy and professional
  3. Hey MD hasan look when you go to market for buying a tshirt you always try to buy some good product with little bit cheap price right.So same thing happen here You are a seller buyer always looking for a great service and little cheap price so you need to follow this rulles below: 1.Need a eye catcy Gig Thumbnail 2.Need a attractive description 3.Keep a balance pricing 4.Try to research you competitor gig and anylize their gig properly remember dont copy any one gig Thank you so much hope you get some benefit from this words.Best of luck.
  4. I just send you msg can you check it please if you dont mind.
  5. Welcome here on fiverr keep it up hope you doing well
  6. welcome to fiverr forum community, best of luck
  7. yes its effect on your gig its better if you open a new gig if you are new seller but if your gig already getting sale so you need to change it when you have some pending order.
  8. Gig marketing is the best way to rank your gig and get your first order.Most of person think if they are marketing their gig this time not getting any like comment its mean not getting order but truely like comment its not mandotary fiverr want to see are you gig share or not if they get the point that you share your gig on social platform they help you to rank your gig.Thank you so much.
  9. Every professional freelancer please help to share some ideas how can I take my gigs to the first page? Give me some tips and tricks what is help me to get my first order.Thank you so much.
  10. If you give us some sample its more help us to understand.
  11. Its help me to improve my skill because now am understand if i have skill dont need to worry about level
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