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  1. Share your gig in different Social Media, try to keep active on Fiverr, and Optimize your gig. Before create a gig take sometime for making Eye catching gig,
  2. No problem, there are many newbie, If you share it's will be great for someone. Thanks
  3. @misty_rasheda That's fantastic to hear that you had a successful first month on Fiverr, selling 5 items and gaining valuable experience! Go Ahead! You can share here for the New Seller that's How you get Order.
  4. Go to "Growth & Marketing" then "Promoted Gig" and Just Off the Promote Button Middle in your Gig title and CPC Cap
  5. A big No. Fiver not support to use Multiple account,
  6. Nope, You can't create multiple Fiverr accounts. If you do, then it will be a violation of the "Terms of Service"
  7. It does not help you to get rank but It does help with keyword research and client Average Order Budget Features, Using Keyword research you can create your other gig for your business. You would able to find out which keyword will be best and suitable. And Create a gig using that keyword.
  8. @sjt044 A lot of number buyers come to spamming, When you get the message or Take an order stay careful. Real buyer does not ask to contact outside. But Fake Buyer gives you the Telegram or other link.
  9. @grandusa You can't change the fiverr user name, It's fixed. You can change only the Name
  10. @aqsariaz540 The DPI Means "DPI= Dot per Inch". For the Web Based design Used 72 DPI and For the printing Design Used 300 DPI. You can use the 1280 x 769 pixel with 150 DPI
  11. Hey @referable, Hopefully doing well, 🙂 You are new to Fiverr, So you need to create 7 gigs. Before creating every gig please do proper research and take time to create a single gig. Write a SEO Friendly Title, Gig Descriptions and Optimize your Gig Images. Upload 3 Images, 2 PDFs, and 1 Video. Ready your Gig image professional Way. After that try to keep active on time, Hopefully you get your order. Happy Freelancing. When you get the first order, Don't forget to share your experience here Thanks
  12. It's a Scam, Don't go with this. The real buyers don't like to share links for contact outside of work. Keep a distance from the Scammers.
  13. Hello there, Recently i got a message from my friends that His account Disable and the reason is "quality violations internal TOS violations" Is anyone know about the Violations? Actually I did not found any proper explanation about it. Kind Regards
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