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  1. No its not necessary. It's your choice.
  2. I had felt the same thing. and we are helpless.
  3. Contact with the customer support. There is no other way. And i think you have break some fiverr TOS.
  4. This order and dollar things are corelated. if you can't get order then how can you get dollar!
  5. Have Patience. and improve your skill till then.
  6. It happens now a days on BR regularly. peoples are making scamming as a profession.
  7. Thank you.. I will keep that on my mind
  8. I will keep that in my mind. It's just a slip of mind. and thank you so much for correcting me.
  9. If the buyer offers a low price and that is not suitable for your gig?
  10. Best of luck. keep that quality work.
  11. From last few days due to some health issue and mental trauma I can not active that much on Fiverr. Now that I am back I see that the impression and click goes very low. Now how can I regain the previous position ? https://www.fiverr.com/share/KdrLQb
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