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  1. Thank You very much. That was really worth informative.
  2. Hi, Need suggestion from expert guys. I want to disable my existing id and want to create a new one. I want to know: 1.Can I do this from the same pc/laptop? 2. If not, if I create a new id from another pc(which is not mine) and use it in my laptop where I am using my existing id, will it make any issue in Fiverr? Thank You 🙂
  3. Well said. Very directive compliment.
  4. Oky. Thanks for your suggestion .
  5. How many badges are in the forum? What are they? I am new here. do not have much idea about it. Thanks in advance.
  6. oky. Thank you. I hope they will respond soon.
  7. Yes. I passed the tests. But I do not find any option in my profile as you said. I already knocked support window. But they did not respond yet.
  8. I have taken several tests on Fiverr.com. But the test results do not show in my profile. How can I add them?
  9. Research Gig Send Buyer Request Start Marketing your Gigs in different online platform Be active in forum
  10. Best wishes for your fiverr.com journey.
  11. Be patience and start marketing your gigs. Be active in forum. Thanks
  12. Fiverr.com forum is very helpful and provides potential ideas about Fiverr.com. Every post adds something new and information. Thanks to all the forum members. Best wishes!
  13. Thanks. I will follow your suggestion.
  14. Thank you. Your suggestion will help me.
  15. Hi! I am a new Fiverr user. I would love to get suggestion from you guys on how to make good impression here and become successful here.
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