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  1. Thank You very much. That was really worth informative.
  2. Hi, Need suggestion from expert guys. I want to disable my existing id and want to create a new one. I want to know: 1.Can I do this from the same pc/laptop? 2. If not, if I create a new id from another pc(which is not mine) and use it in my laptop where I am using my existing id, will it make any issue in Fiverr? Thank You 🙂
  3. Well said. Very directive compliment.
  4. Oky. Thanks for your suggestion .
  5. How many badges are in the forum? What are they? I am new here. do not have much idea about it. Thanks in advance.
  6. oky. Thank you. I hope they will respond soon.
  7. Yes. I passed the tests. But I do not find any option in my profile as you said. I already knocked support window. But they did not respond yet.
  8. I have taken several tests on Fiverr.com. But the test results do not show in my profile. How can I add them?
  9. Research Gig Send Buyer Request Start Marketing your Gigs in different online platform Be active in forum
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