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  1. I did SEO properly and getting enough click and impression. Thanks for your reply
  2. Hi, I am a new seller on fiverr. Now what should I do to get order and how can I ranked my gig. Here is my gig link. Fiverr.com Sk_humaira: I will do facebook promotion marketing to large audience in USA...For only $10, Sk_humaira will do facebook promotion marketing to large audience in USA for any company. | Hey,Thanks For Stopping byAre you struggling withFacebook Advertising, Facebook Promotion?Ready to get more PAYING CUSTOMERS to your business in...
  3. Welcome to Fiverr. Wish you all the best.
  4. There are no hidden fees, fiverr clearly states in their terms of service that you signed and agreed to that fiverr comission is 20%. And 20% of 60$ will be exactly 48$.
  5. Welcome to the Fiverr community
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