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  1. Hey, would love to clear your confusion, I first joined Fiverr with a different account which I decided not to use because of the poor response rate. I assure you that I wrote this whole post myself, I do not need to copy it from somewhere else. About the quote, It does not matter to me that a Christian preacher quoted it, I just liked the quote so decided to include it (Found it from a website). I hope it clears your confusion, It’s still fine if you think I or this post is fraudulent, all I wanted is to help and I can see that this post has helped a few sellers.
  2. Thanks, Patience without having skills is nothing! 😃
  3. Most of the new sellers think that after making a gig they will immediately get orders and raise a lot of money. But it’s not that easy, It is a competitive marketplace and there are a lot of sellers offering the same services as you do, even If your services are the best out of all of those sellers it still requires a lot of patience. Many sellers are waiting for an order for weeks and even months. If you are one of those sellers, you need to be patient. Even if you have the best gig on Fiverr, it will take some time to get an order. You can not just wait for an order - what can you do then? Keep learning. There is a lot to learn from this forum! especially, the Fiverr Tips category. Keep improving. There is always room for improvement so, always keep working on improving your gigs and profile. Keep practicing. Practice your skill so that whenever you get an order, you can have the buyer satisfied with your work. Making them give you a nice review and don’t make a gig for something unless you can do it professionally because if a good review can make your profile look trustworthy than a bad review can do the opposite. Never give up. When I first joined Fiverr, I waited for months to get an order. I just gave up thinking that I can’t get an order. But guess what? Just after I had given up, I received a message from an interested buyer. But because I had left Fiverr I missed the chance of getting my very first order and noticed it after 25 days!
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