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  1. Congratulations to you. Keep up the hard work
  2. Hi everyone My buyer is unavailable for last 3 months. I want to cancel the order. How can I contact the Fiverr customer service?
  3. should I mention my portfolio link or work samples in the proposal?
  4. I try to send as much as buyer requests possible. Unfortunately, luck doesn't seem to work on my side
  5. A very very congratulations to you. Keep it up
  6. Hello everyone, Its been 3 months since my buyer is unavailable. I don't understand what should I do now? If I submit delivery then what will happen?
  7. I do send buyer requests all the time. But still no luck.
  8. Send buyer request everyday. Try to stay online as much as possible.
  9. Hello everyone. I am really very upset. It's been 62 days that my buyer has not responded and the order is showing late. I had requested delivery extension so many times but he didn't even accept those. How badly will it affect my fiverr profile?
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