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  1. I can totally related this to myself. When I got my first order, my gig was on top. Then after the second order the buyer disappeared suddenly before delivery. Till now, the buyer has not returned. This has affected my profile so badly, I haven't got any more orders since then 😞
  2. Congratulations to you. Keep up the hard work
  3. Hi everyone My buyer is unavailable for last 3 months. I want to cancel the order. How can I contact the Fiverr customer service?
  4. should I mention my portfolio link or work samples in the proposal?
  5. I try to send as much as buyer requests possible. Unfortunately, luck doesn't seem to work on my side
  6. A very very congratulations to you. Keep it up
  7. Hello everyone, Its been 3 months since my buyer is unavailable. I don't understand what should I do now? If I submit delivery then what will happen?
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