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  1. All right so this returning buyer today asked me to cancel the order because he has a lot of debts to pay. The thing is that he told me that right after I showed him the full work (in low quality but still), that said, I worked for free, he got a full version of the work and wants to cancel... What should I do? This is a loss-loss for me, not only for the money but also for the negative effect on my profile. Since he opened a request in the order to cancel it, I can't reach out to Customer Support. What should I do?
  2. Thank you so much! I’m really excited to be in second place!! I can’t wait for the next contest to give my 101%! Cheers and blessings!
  3. so… what now guys? I guess this won’t be announced
  4. hey how are you? will the winners be announced this week?
  5. That’s a weird attitude coming from the buyer. If your gig’s description says that the raw footage is not included or it’s an extra I suggest you to contact CS, submit a ticket and they will probably help you
  6. Thank youu!!! I had so much work I wasn’t able to create the piece I intended, this is such a big relief.
  7. Thank you very much for your words! I will increase at least my basic package price, I know it’s too low and that I’ve proven myself and to my clients that I can provide a good service no matter how low the price is, so you’re very right! Thank you! CS replied to my ticket, it appears that the user was using a hacked payment method or something like that, so Fiverr automatically cancelled the order and banned their account, so now they’ll give me back the money after a 7 day clearance period, so it’s solved!
  8. Yes, I just submitted a ticket to CS, I’m waiting for their response.
  9. They ordered the basic package of $5, so with the 20% discount from Fiverr I earned $4, so they literally kept with all the money I made from that order.
  10. I had a balance of $120, now I have a balance of $116, where is the compensation?
  11. Hi, I’m very confused. In March 18th one guy messaged me and asked me for a fast remake of a song, he wanted it in one hour so he ordered my basic package. I did the remake and delivered almost one hour later, he was happy with the result, accepted the delivery and left a 5 star review. Now April 24st I got a notification saying that the buyer cancelled that order and the reason was: “since you missed your delivery due date of Mar 19, 2021.” What was this? the funds were returned to him but he still got the song I made! Is that even logical?, I went to the order page to see if I really missed the delivery date but no! I delivered on March 18th at 20:01 as you can see in the image below! 2021_04_24_03_28_06_Window810×866 43.4 KBI don’t care about the $5 dollars to be honest, but this is something that could usually happen? I mean what if in the near future I make a work that worths more than $100 and then a month later the buyer decides to cancel the order and he keeps the work and also the money, what is this? I’m super confused right now. I hope you can help me understand this situation, thanks.
  12. Read the rules please! time limit is 2 minutes or less.
  13. I did a lot of orders to new buyers, in fact I were their first purchase into the site, they didn’t have a profile picture also, so don’t worry! If anything goes wrong you can always reach Customer Support. Good luck!
  14. I had the same issue, I only could see one to three BRs per day, maybe some days I would see eight or nine, but once I advanced to level 1 seller now I can see like 300 buyer requests per day.
  15. Hi, today a returning buyer (I’ve done two works for him and he’s a V.I.D.) ordered the wrong gig (he wants me to mix and master a song but he ordered the beat production basic package), he also writed down the requierements but he didn’t upload any file, he needs me to mix a vocal into a beat I already have but I can’t do anything without the files he didn’t upload. He even writed what he wanted in the requirements box and because of that the order timer started going down. He doesn’t answer my messages, what should I do?
  16. I laugh now too but at the moment I was so pissed off hahaha
  17. Oh I got one that was super funny and crazy. First of all buyer didn’t know much about music genres, he wanted me to remix one of his “chilhood songs” into a “German club rave full of cocain addicts-type beat”. I ended up remixing that Dannish old song into a crazy Psy-Trance with some Hardstyle. It was definitely fun but stressful. He was happy with the result (I even did things he didn’t pay for) and he accidentally put me a 4.3 review. Crazy day.
  18. Nice thread and nice music! Here’s my last work, a 5 track RnB/Soul EP I’ve been making since August of 2020, it started as a single and ended up as my best music so far (in my opinion at least haha)
  19. Cool! I wasn’t aware of the March contest but now I’ll participate! Hyped to see what I can do with these samples.
  20. Thanks! I was just surprised at the situation but I understand that it’s something usual, thank you!
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