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  1. Wow… I think making it mandatory is a really great idea. Even children of 6 years are applying? 😮 Here also it’s not like it’s totally not mandatory but I haven’t really seen any need to get one so I’ve not really taken it serious. When I opened my bank account, the banks gave me a NIN and that’s what I use most of the times since you’re not actually asked to show your card. What they usually need is the number. Same to payoneer. But since Fiverr’s is different, I’ll try getting the card by all means.
  2. Normally, it’s not supposed to take a long time but you’ll always meet a lot of people at every center which reduces one’s chances of getting it done and it gets a lot of people pissed off. There was a time I wanted to do it. I went to the center twice. Waited from morning till evening and couldn’t get it done so I gave up on it. I have no choice but to go again.
  3. I’m not sure about that student ID also. I’ll see if I can quickly get my national ID card done. Thank youu
  4. I’m happy yours was easy 🙂. I just hope I won’t get banned
  5. Honestly, same problem I’m having. I got contacted by fiverr yesterday to verify my ID. Now I have only 13 days left! I really don’t know what to do 😢
  6. Yeah… I agree with you. Thank you very much Tony. You really helped in motivating me.
  7. You’re a Nigerian too? Thank you for replying. I guess you have the experience I need. Did you have up to $200 before you made your first withdrawal?
  8. Ahh… It’s much oh! Then after that I can withdraw any amount right? Thank you very much.
  9. Hello… Please can you help me? I’m from Nigeria too and I’m a new seller. I want to know the minimum amount you can withdraw from payoneer and how exactly to go about it. I’ve been reading a lot of posts but I see different results and it’s confusing. I think I’ll prefer someone who already has the experience. Please help me 🥺
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