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  1. Hi there! My name is Sonreirj and I've been on Fiverr for years now. I've accumulated a lot of great customer feedbacks and with it, a handful also allowed that the final delivery to show up on my gallery. However, upon trying to preview my gig I saw that there were only 4 left in my gallery (1 video and 3 audios). What happened to the rest of the samples? If you're curious about the gig, here it is (please let me know if attaching this isn't allowed): Produce or mix and master or ghostwrite a song for you by Sonreirj | Fiverr
  2. Great concept! There are a lot of producers who want to im/prove their skills and this one is an excellent place to do it.
  3. Hi po, Ate! Tinatanggap po nila 'yung Postal ID. Na-accept po nila akin. Sana po ma-verify rin kayo agad! 🙂
  4. Here’s my entry to the contest! Goodluck to everyone who submitted. 🙂
  5. Update! Got a new ID and my account got verified. Cheers!
  6. I agree. I won’t do something like that.
  7. I don’t have a national ID card, only a national ID card number. I also don’t have a license.
  8. Passport booking here in the Philippines is such a pain in the backside because of the availability. 😦
  9. Hello there! My name is John and I’ve been on Fiverr for more than 2 years now. However only recently was I contacted by Fiverr to verify my identity. Here’s where the problem starts. I’m in the Philippines and I’m only a freelance student trying to make money on this amazing site. I do have my legal documents and ID numbers to approve my verification but I don’t have any IDs. Since I’m just a student, I never bothered trying to get a passport nor a driver’s license. I want to ask how can I get verified without a passport nor a driver’s license? Thank you so much! Warmest Regards, John Paul
  10. Kamusta verification niyo sir? Nakapag-verify ka?
  11. Hello there! I have attached different files for every single revision. I did not forget to attach when delivering. 🙂
  12. Thank you so so much! All is noted and will be considered on from this day moving forward. I hope you have a nice day! And yes, I’m just turned 18 last year
  13. The buyer already cancelled it via the CS (reason why I got flagged) without contacting me. That’s how uncooperative he is.
  14. I agree with @imagination7413 Your current rating is 4.9 with 39 reviews. I afraid if you got 1 star rating…, you will drop below 4.8. It will hurt your overall business greatly. Personally, i think better just to cancel the order and move on. Bad things happens and better to focus on the incoming order. Yes…, there are many case, where seller abused with bad buyer, and Fiverr CS help the seller. Provide them with your gigs order, screen shot of your chats etc…, Still it will took lots of time, effort and waste your energy to deal with just $20 project. Best of luck. Hope you can solve this dispute soon. Hi! Thank you for your reply. I honestly don’t care about the $20 anymore. I’m just afraid of the flag because it’s inevitable for someone to abuse it again. I’ve already messaged Fiverr CS regarding my side. I just want to reverse the flag because after I’m finished with 1 order of mine, it will rocket me to Level 2 Status. The flag just delayed that part.
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