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  1. Hi @ana_tomy, thanks for the response I was not expecting Fiverr staff here. After reaching out to support, I learned that my account was flagged due to location inconsistency. I've noticed similar issues discussed in community forums, but there seems to be little communication from Fiverr about them. My main concern is whether this ban is permanent or if there's a chance for resolution.
  2. I wish it gets true. My ID was flagged on Feb 21st and I am still waiting patiently.
  3. Last month, after Fiverr implemented the new level system, my profile was flagged without warning. I suspect this happened because my ID was logged in on both my personal laptop and my office's laptop, causing a location inconsistency that Fiverr support mentioned. I'm reaching out to inquire whether Fiverr would consider removing the flag from my account, or if it's intended to be permanent. At this point, I've lost confidence in this platform. If anyone can confirm a resolution, I might consider permanently deleting my account. Otherwise, I see no motivation to keep it active. Despite maintaining good statistics, I'm not receiving new chats, and my impressions are decreasing.
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