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  1. This depends on many many factors. Getting your first sale can take some time, but since you already have four I would say your off to a great start!. The algorithm on Fiverr can change on a whim and leave you with no work, so do not depend on the platform for a STEADY experience, just my little tip. Best thing to do is to deliver excellent service and be friendly to everyone.
  2. i have done this literally every day one month. The checked everything. It has to do with new algorithms. There is a great thread here on the forum about “fiverr 3.0” read up in there!
  3. I respect your comments. Fiverr replied and basically says nothing is wrong with my gig. Im in the same boat as all the others who dropped to the last page and now, as of today officially give up. I will take whatever the platform offers me. I have raised thousands for them and now I’m last of the last. It really hurts. As it does for all the others who do this for a living. It;s fun to give everyone a gig every once in a while, it’s destructive if you were depending on it with your life. I’m too sad to think clearly. I appreciate the response.
  4. This is happening across the board. I am pulling my hair trying to get a human answer. I mail CS every day and every day a new person tells me they “sent it to a dedicated team, etc” No answer for over a month. The “prote your gig” started many issues, and my app and site are behaving erratic. Unread messages, orders not found by clients, last page in ranking. The answer was that the private “review” people leave after gigs had been dropping, but I assure it’s not true. Everyone left me with 5 stars, and all left long texts as reviews. I know every client by name. The algorythms are pushing the new “seller succes program” sellers to the top. Us veterans eat the dust. It’s heartbreaking, this is my only source of income. I urge everyone to point fiverr in the direction of these forum posts
  5. many many sellers are going through tis at the moment. We are all losing our status. Fiverr is not responding
  6. we all have this problem at the moment. I advise everyone to ask CS to watch this forum thread.
  7. I’m really happy to hear i am not alone. I completely lost my income. If anyone contacts fiverr CS, please link them to this thread!
  8. i have 99% completion, 5 star ranking, level two seller, almost 300 orders, response rate under 1 hour. I’m last of the last on the pages.
  9. 1 month down the road. Both my gigs are dead. I was doing 90 orders a month. Now 2 tops. I’m crying. No income, no alternative.
  10. I am now 1 month later, both my gigs are dead, no customers, and no response from CS
  11. Hi there Frank. Thank you SO much for sharing this. My name is Kevin Storm. In the last months I had been stupendously busy drawing 16+ hours a day with my 2 gigs “I’ll draw anything” and “I’ll create NFT Cryproart”. The app and site have been extremely, worryinly buggy for me with messages remaining unread (an issue dating back as far as 2016 as i can tell in forums), people not finding their deliveries (MANY autocompleted deliveries, even after I send many messages to reach customers) and much more. I can be having several conversations with people and they are all happy to go ahead and order and BOOM, all conversations stop simultaneously and customers never respond anymore. In february I used the “promote your gig” feature. Many things happened; -Both my gigs (over 300 5 star orders and rave reviews) dropped literally to the last spot on the last page. I suddenly did not appear at all and got zero customers, gig unpromotable. I found out this was because I used the words “many people leave me with 5 star review” in my FAQ section and without notification, Fiverr had completely blacklisted and removed my gig. I didnt know that was not allowed. I fixed the issue, but I never got back to where I was.Oh and then I suddenly got an email with a rejection for Fiverr Pro that I never applied for. No answer on that either. Bugs. Fiverr is my only source of income, I am now jobless, except for the odd returning customer. I can’t sleep over this and I’ve literally been emailing customer support and twitter DAILY for over a month. I sent close to 15 videos of the many issues and every day I get a “this has been forwarded to the relevant team” message. Until I asked if i could open a new account. I immediately got a warning that should I try that, I’d get them both banned. We did a test here at home. My girlfriend ordered a drawing and we went through everything. As she accepted the delivery, her app crashed, and remained unusable on a locked screen for over an hour (didnt check if it works now). Closing the app, or phone didn’t bring the app back. This worries me so much as perhaps people now can’t review the gig at all, or maybe just filled out 1 five star, app crashes and the other two remain at zero? I have no idea what is going on but I am crying here. I work harder than anyone out there and now am struggling to get even a single customer. Another thing (sorry, last one) is that for my NFT gig, I was one of the first. The hype surrounding it is immesne and I was on top of the game, making great money. Someone ordered 4 drawings from me, and then started using MY drawings to list 4 gigs of his/her own that are now ranked way above me. Perhaps they even left me with zero stars in the private “tell us in private what you thought of…” review people always get, who knows. I would greatly greatly appreciate any help to get back to a basic income. If you can perhaps help me reach a human being on the customer support side or have a look at my keywords and metrics, I’d be extremely grateful. I’ll draw anything you want as a thank you 🙂 (This goes for anyone out there with the golden tip!) If you have a drawing gig and can’t finish your orders as you’re too busy, send them my way. Fiverr was my lifeline, I’m very stressed about all this and can only hope they don’t see me as “that annoying seller who keeps complaining every day”. Thank you for the explanation, I felt a slight relief and have a little hope now. Kevin
  12. Same problem here. Ranked front page with hundreds of 5 star reviews, and after using promoted gig I am now LAST in line with ZERO customers. It’s a massive bug and they are not replying. Crying iver here, this is my dayjob.
  13. Same problem here since beginning of March and a bit before. Gig now 100% dead in the water after hundreds of 5 star reviews. No response from cs but standard replies. REALLY hoping this gets solved quickly
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