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  1. NEVER settle for mediocrity. GG YAS! It’s just my starting point to test my skills, so $5 suits my needs fine. I’ve raised some to $10, which is pretty a large amount of money for me.
  2. Good points, I agree. Personally, I’m just a random kid from a 3rd world country, and $5 is actually a decent amount of money for me.
  3. I don’t think I’m selling garbage, but I also don’t think I’m at the level of Hans Zimmer, and made sure to tell any potential customers that. I understand your points, that’s true. Perhaps I should reprice some stuff…xD Thank you for your thoughts and comments!
  4. oof that’s me lol Personally, I charge $5 because I’m not a professional by any means - merely a student, and this is for me, a way to challenge myself, learn more, share music, and help others in the process but I don’t want to charge too high because if I’m not sure if I’m not sure how “qualified” I am. I don’t want to oversell. My only edge would be the fact that I’m affordable and that I can get the job done relatively well. That said, I’m also not very familiar with the average and reasonable price point for people my level selling their services (despite the research I’ve tried to do), so I’m starting small and as I get more familiar and better, I’ll (maybe) raise my price a bit. I’m currently test-running my value, so to speak, so I start with the smallest price and see how sustainable it is and if other people might think I’m worth more. That’s my reasoning – I do think that pro sellers also have a place here. People know that they will get what they pay for, so they’ll probably pick higher rated or more expensive sellers if they’re looking for a very professional job done, and they’ll pick cheaper options if they’re budget isn’t as large but they can’t do it themselves. (Note that I don’t think that just because a service is cheap, the seller is automatically not as good or professional. Perhaps it, like I said earlier, could be them not being able to value themselves properly, or perhaps a cheaper price is their only edge. But I’ve seen good sellers for cheap prices) You’re right, though - when it comes to our time, we shouldn’t undersell. But I don’t want to “oversell” when it comes to my qualifications as well. Just the two-cents of Fiverr noob, hopefully you get what I’m saying haha XD
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