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  1. I know the issues, check here, VID buyer has fiverr own video call option, for the reason for VID buyer no need zoom link or others for video call, please understand the matter.. she called VID buyer has permission to use zoom. how it is possible? check my VID buyer , check here
  2. please search in topic or google or youtube, you will get the best solution about this gig ranking fact
  3. if you order in fiverr, then fiverr will give you secure, but if you do not order, fiver never gives you secure after the deal. if you order, fiver give you secure deal, then no seller can misbehave your deal
  4. if your buyer is currently ofline, please submit your delivery, if within 3 days, your buyer will not accept the order mean will be ofline, then your order will be automatic delivered. Best of Luck
  5. did you get any source your writing? If you want to offer Zoom chats/consultations, ask Fiverr CS for permission, get it, and create a standalone consultation gig that you charge for. without permission of fiverr, no one can do do this, if fiverr got that someone doing this without permission fiverr can disable or warning fiver account
  6. I looked over your profile too very impressive! Keep up the. good work!😇

    1. sonyteam


      Thanks a lot

  7. never join such as meeting, if fiver got understand about mattter it will hamper your fiver profile
  8. Did you get that you have created two post about same topic?
  9. I am not sure about it but in online there is many wordcounter tools where you paste and easily get how much word there are
  10. please do not create similar topic as same time, i told you before, that fiver not allowed to communicate without fiver
  11. No, never. As Fiverr has a strict policy that no one can contact for any reason outside the Fiverr. If you do your and sellers account may disabled by Fiverr.
  12. you are sharing your profile for which isues? your all gig are ok i have checked
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