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  1. Thank you so much for your insightfiveroptic1 ! I really appreciate it!😇
  2. What do you. do if you. sing other peoples songs on here like if you. found a karaoke version of it...and you. sing it but you. didn't write it yourself is that still staying in fiverr rules for singing songs if you. say cover or just sample?
  3. Thank you so much j6nyc6! I really appreciate it!
  4. how do I delete one of my gig pgs?
  5. Thank you for your tips mehran_hussain. however what do you. do if your buyer only has a picture at first how do you. address this situation?
  6. Im currently using a refurbished MacBook Pro....its older but it does the job!😇
  7. Thank youmanuelmarino I didn't know that I appreciate this!😇
  8. monirthuin. Thank you so much! I appreciate it!😇
  9. fynwriter You're so knowledgeable thank you!😇
  10. sk_moni Thank you so much for your advice!!
  11. By accident I changed my availability! Does anyone know fiverr contact info ...To amend this because it has me offline but I am available!!
  12. partho_wpxpert Thank you so much!😇
  13. guru_alamin I know right his experience helped us all get a lil closer to our goals!😇
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