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  1. Good, so you can configure a wordpress website. What’s about making some demo?
  2. It makes sense to do both active and passive marketing. Do you have opportunity to talk with your customers?
  3. Did you put some portfolio samples on your gig? Try to pass some fiverr qualification tests.
  4. Do you have a portfolio of past projects, or some qualification test certificates?
  5. Did you try to put more portfolio projects, or pass some qualification test on fiverr?
  6. Did you have a drop on messages from customers? What’s wrong with having a cancellation. It depends on a customer as well, not only you.
  7. Did you make any market research for the past week? Like competitive gigs, their progress in orders count.
  8. Did you make some keyword research for the niche?
  9. There’s a thread with lots of gigs being reviewed and some suggestions provided. [1] https://forum.fiverr.com/t/lets-talk-about-your-gig
  10. There’re many fba wholesale gigs with a description alike to yours. Could you show a screenshot of the issue you have with a creation? [1] Do amazon fba product research for private label or wholesale by Axoncommerce | Fiverr
  11. [1] shows fortune telling services. It feels like a sort of psychology. [2] here’s a list of different sellers on fiverr and @frank_d recommending on what to change. [1] best selling gigs for “predictions and advice” image|619x499 [2] Let's talk about your gig!
  12. Could you tell about customers application of the resulting HTML? I assume there’s a web app, and it requires some frontend update according to a design drawn.
  13. How long does it take to complete a single “PSD to HTML” gig? I imagine it involves writing lots of css, html, js and testing across multiple platforms, browsers.
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