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  1. Welcome back and start with new look of fiverr
  2. Yes this is a good step for those who can take the advantages.
  3. My prayers with you bro and or for anyone who struggle for success.
  4. good news beneficial for all
  5. Good to hear that and will wait for launch/Migration. I had some experience these type of migrations and what are the feeling during it.
  6. Are people around, aware of this ??
  7. “visualize data in chart racing bar map,line” I will visualize your data into Racing Bars, Maps, Lines & do data analysis for you. I do work for Business Professionals & also for the normal clients. Most of the people do it for YouTube i.e. TOP 10 as per the data. It is the best and viral niche in YouTube. It has the Potential to grow your YouTube Channel easily and get a lot of Views and Subscribers. If you want to grow your ‘You Tube’ channel this is the perfect gig for you! Data visualization is very important now a day because everyone want to see videos rather than reading. Therefore, I will provide you data visualization with Racing Bar chart, Lines. Why Me? · ✔️ Professional visualization with background music. · ✔️ Get your logo placed on the Video. · ✔️ Copyrights Will Be With The Customer. · ✔️ Reliable And Quick Communication. · ✔️ Unlimited Revisions. . ✔️ Guaranteed safety of Your data (For Business Professionals)
  8. Thanks for your offer. my question is simple and straight how to get the orders? rest of the vitals are good but no success.
  9. Thanks for sharing such nice ethics of work there is no harm to follow these. regards
  10. There are lot stories after covid19 but same time opportunity also arise. we have to prepare yourself grab that opportunity. and never giveup
  11. I think this is the beauty of the democracy. everyone have the equal rights
  12. Brands look like great! thanks for your advise and suggestions
  13. Hi, set your target and act accordingly you will definitely achieve what do you want
  14. True factors we all needed to be a follow as a good seller.
  15. Good opportunity amazing prize
  16. I just wanted to clarify that Bad people has belong to No destination. they are everywhere the best policy to avoid and report them to block for order. thanks for your understanding
  17. its mean i can send only my existing buyers? right ? i can not search new buyers and or not to send or introduce my gigs?
  18. How to sent these buyer request, and whom to sent? i am also interested to know
  19. This is corporate social responsibility to help each other for success because love be gets love
  20. Keep trying and stay here one day you will succeed.hope for the best
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