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  1. Hey, I'm from Bangladesh. Bangladesh is now at a high risk for Covid-19. Around 250+ person is died everyday and the number of affected people is around 15 thousand+ During this situation, it is tough enough to do outside work. So nowadays, Fiverr is the popular site for people to work from home. What about your Country?
  2. Hey I'm also new on fiverr. Actually i'm not new user. I Created my account last year. But due to this covid situation i can not continue it. Now by the help of Almighty I recover myself and start a journey with fiverr again. Congratulate me for this journey.
  3. Unfortunately, I can’t. You’ll need to figure it out yourself. Oh ok. I will try to improve myself. Thank you.
  4. Due to this COVID situation, don’t you think that your impression and clicks is going to be downstairs! What should we do at this time as a new freelancer! Please give me some advice to rank my gig and get some order to earn. Thanks in advance.
  5. It’s too much helpful. Thank you for your valuable speech. Keep me in prayer.
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