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  1. Fiverr is a great platform for very skilled people...Some people don't Have any skilled...they open a gig true buyers come there and buy service...Third-party search small budget gig and buyer there service...And create presser for work...The real seller feels bad because he needs a review and an order...i got three-person... three person behave very bad...
  2. @web_laab you get good buyer that your luck...
  3. @mariashtelle1 He cheated with me..i trust him...nothining to do...
  4. @mariashtelle1 yes....i want to make custom offer he tell me give with tips
  5. welcome to fiverr forum..have a great journey with fiverr...
  6. when you take order some buyer give extra work and changes design too much time..but they don't give extra money for that.. it's happened to me..what i need to do? i afraid for that if i want extra payment they give me bad review...what I need to do?
  7. new seller always give great service..some buyer tell to do extra work but they not give extra money ....it's happen with me...
  8. hello, i wan to join seller plus..please invite me or give me link to join seller plus..Thanks
  9. great news for fiverr seller and buyers
  10. if you think you gig rank lose..you chnages some tag and seo..best of luck
  11. @razamiya716 Thank you so much😍
  12. hello fiverr community, last 2 days ago my gig impression 1111. today it shows only 379..why I lost my gig rank...I want to grow up my career... please help me grow up my business... https://www.fiverr.com/share/jp1019
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