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  1. Santa is knocking the door with his gift 💞Its really a awesome feelings. Merry Christmas to all dear.
  2. I am also hear about vacation. Lets see what happen after vacation
  3. My gig image is alright and gig stay on first page. But there are low impression ,click, order. I don’t know what mistake done by me. Even I share my gig on social media. Please Friends tell me what can I do Now
  4. Same situation here. My gig stay on First page but there are no knock, order, click.
  5. someone says to yes and some no. Its a confusion what to do
  6. Hello, everyone how are you? Hope you all are well. I have a gig about Facebook.I want to change my gig image. Is there any problem? thanks in advance
  7. Last night I have published my third gig. I hope it’ll be a great gig with more orders. Please pray for me. Thanks 🙂
  8. Hello, how are you everybody? I guess we are all fine here. Is there anyone who help new seller. Please give some tips.
  9. My click and order rate is low. Last two days there are no click . What can I do now?
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