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  1. Thank you. Though I have already told to my 3 buyer. I'll not do this again.
  2. Hello dear, can I request my buyers to share my gig or profile to their social channel or any other place? Fiverr allow this or violate their TOS? Please let me know. Because I want to tell my best buyer to share my gig in his social media.
  3. Thank you. Any suggestion for getting new order?
  4. Hi, I’m new to Fiverr. Before 6 months, I started my journey in Fiverr. Last month I got the level-1 badge. Now my gig is getting impressions and few clicks, but I’m not getting any new orders. Maybe something is wrong. Could you please suggest to me which section should I need to improve? Please… Best Regards, Olympus IT Solution Order Problem1710×471 37 KB
  5. Don’t worry! Keep patience. The result will come soon. No need to delete.
  6. I followed as usual marketing process. Tried to connect my service related persons who may be need my service.
  7. 10 days. I got this buyer from social marketing. 😊
  8. Thank you all for wishing me. Good wish for you all. 💕
  9. Hi dear, I have got my 1st order today. Today I’m very happy. Give me some suggestions on how to get more orders. 💕
  10. Great thank for this awesome tips! Thank you dear
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