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  1. Hi, I am on fiverr for few months. At first I got some orders and completed them successfully. But for last 3 months I am not getting any orders. Please help me.
  2. I am not getting any orders for 3 months! What can I do?
  3. I am not yet vaccinated. But I think there's some side effects of having the vaccine.
  4. Congratulations on your anniversary. Hope you go forward with much value. And also pray for me. Thank You. ❤️
  5. Thank You! Reading your book.❤️
  6. Welcome to fiverr community. Best of luck getting orders!
  7. Hi! Welcome to fiverr community! Hope you work well!
  8. Welcome to fiverr community, I am a new seller too! I have been here past 3months. But no orders yet! Pray for me too!
  9. Most Welcome zoynab69 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  10. Welcome to the fiverr community! Be active in fiverr you’ll definitely get your first order! I am also looking for my firs order. I do T-Shirts and Social Media Posts design. Hope for the best!
  11. Hi I think Conversion % is the percentage of the order and impressions! Think you got 100 impressions and 1 order! So your conversion is 1% So if you get 1000 impressions and 1 order what will be the conversion % ? Yes it is 0.1% Hope you got the point!
  12. I think it is for not being active in fiverr! I’m not sure!
  13. Welcome to fiverr community! Best wishes for ya! Pray for me also!
  14. Hi! It’s been two months I’m on fiverr! I have no idea how can I get my first order! Can you help me? I have two gigs!
  15. Hi! Happy to see a musician! I am a graphic designer! I love music!
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