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  1. Fiverr message me for modifying ( Description ) gig. Already I do it. But now I see my gig is not active. It’s showing me pending approval. So when I will get back my gig? It’s any problem with the ranking?
  2. But if we share our work (sample link) in buyer request , So It’s any problem with me ?
  3. Of people are seeing your gig but not buying it then it’s obvious there is something that they don’t like in your gig and your gig doesn’t attract clients :woman_shrugging: So now What I can do?
  4. I don’t get any order But my gigs are already rank on the 1st and 2nd page. Anyone explain me, what’s is the problem?
  5. Are you sure bro? Actually, I want to change my package of the description. I am not telling about the main description Thank you
  6. Already my gig is rank on the first page But now I need to change my package description. So I can do it? regards carlos_prats
  7. You can cancel this order, It’s better for you. otherwise your client give you a negative feedback . Best of luck
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