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  1. Fiverr message me for modifying ( Description ) gig. Already I do it. But now I see my gig is not active. It’s showing me pending approval. So when I will get back my gig? It’s any problem with the ranking?
  2. But if we share our work (sample link) in buyer request , So It’s any problem with me ?
  3. Of people are seeing your gig but not buying it then it’s obvious there is something that they don’t like in your gig and your gig doesn’t attract clients :woman_shrugging: So now What I can do?
  4. I don’t get any order But my gigs are already rank on the 1st and 2nd page. Anyone explain me, what’s is the problem?
  5. Are you sure bro? Actually, I want to change my package of the description. I am not telling about the main description Thank you
  6. Already my gig is rank on the first page But now I need to change my package description. So I can do it? regards carlos_prats
  7. You can cancel this order, It’s better for you. otherwise your client give you a negative feedback . Best of luck
  8. Hello there, Actually, I create a youtube SEO gig But I can’t see the tag perfectly. although when I create my gig, I keep total 5 tags in my gig. But when I publish my gig, I show only 3 tags. But why? so now I can edit my gig again ? Please advise me. actually, I don’t get good impression and click on my gig.
  9. If your service is in 2 categories in 2 devices, then this is not a problem. Thank you
  10. make sure to have a smartphone with a camera ready (computer, tablet, phablet are not supported) open the main browser on the smartphone and make sure to log in to Fiverr account that needs to be verified (turn on the option ‘remember me’ when logging in) log in to Fiverr account on a computer follow the option that requires you to perform the ID verification scan a QR code with a smartphone or request a text message to be sent to the phone proceed with a smartphone through the browser use a supported document (supported ones are listed) and upload the picture of it take a selfie picture and upload it
  11. you can share your post in (fiverr forum ) discussion site . Thank you bro 😃
  12. please make sure perfectly gig title and tags
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