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  1. Appreciate it ❤️ and thank you so much @mjensen415! Already downloaded it, I’ll read it soon.
  2. Maybe it’s some sort of bugs. Wait, hope it’ll be ok.
  3. No, you shouldn’t do that. It’s a violation of Fiverr TOS. Create a new Payoneer account then connect to the present Fiverr account.
  4. I think it’s not ok. You can add your Portfolio site but adding your personal Social Media Account is a violation of Fiverr TOS.
  5. Thanks for your informative and valuable tips. I think every new seller should follow this. We sometimes rush to send the buyer request without reading it that’s why many of us don’t get any order. “Read first and then Send It” 💝
  6. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding 👏
  7. Yes, you can provide different services, no worry. Best of Luck 👍
  8. First, check your Gig status here If it says it active but not perform well then your Gig needs to be improved to get impressions and clicks. And the best is doing Gig SEO and marketing.
  9. I think the first thing you can do is gig SEO and the next thing is Social Media Marketing, thanks 🙂
  10. No problem, you do the job well and deliver on time.
  11. Be patient and send buyer requests daily. Hope you’ll get your first order soon.
  12. You need to be more patient and work hard on your skills. Also, you can get good results through social media marketing and doing gig SEO 🙂
  13. Work hard and be patient. This will be your first task 🙂
  14. Yes, of course it is very helpful because through it you can attract your buyers.
  15. For this you have to do Gig SEO and bring them to rank 🙂
  16. Be patient and work hard you will definitely get the order 🙂
  17. Work harder and be patient to improve your skills 🙂
  18. I think if you make some more gigs according to your skills then you will get better results 🙂
  19. In my opinion, delete that gig and make a new gig again. I hope you will get good results 🙂
  20. You can share your gig in social media and also optimize Gig’s titles and descriptions. These will increase your gig’s impression and chances of getting the order.
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