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  1. @marinanp86 thanks for the comment, im 5 years here, one bad review made all this, i don't know what should i do
  2. @filipdevaere if that's the case, what a fair platform
  3. @filipdevaere yes, but this is the only 1star in my career in fiverr, i have tons of 5 stars
  4. dropped from level 2 to level 0, what to do guys
  5. Hello, i was a TRS for one year, i was demoted the month February, and until now i'm working hard to get my TRS badge but always nothing changed, i'm stuck in level two please what should i do because i'm sick because of this topic
  6. Hello everyone i am a former TRS, demoted in February, i am level 2 now its 5 months ago, i don't know what to do now, no orders, and low impressions, you can see this week's statistics Kindly give me some advice and some solutions, thank you
  7. Hello 

    i made a small edit in my gig, and the gig is Denied

    the gig has 78 positive reviews, i dont wanna lose it and i cant edit it now

    anyone know what to do please


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