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  1. I was a new seller at that time 😦 But thanks - Will keep it in mind for future orders.
  2. Sounds like you are going on assumptions of what she has done? In the beginning when they first contacted you to do revisions, did you even ask what they needed? While I would not be keen on doing a revision 10 months later, if this buyer did not utilize the 5 revisions you offer, you have to look at it from their point of view - they think they are owed that. And, in some ways, they are. I have no idea how code works or whatever it is you do, so I do not know “how you can work with that now”. That is your area of expertise to figure out if you want to help her out. I am not sure I would given she has gone off the rails and wrote something negative on Google. If you do delete your account here, do not think you can just create a new one. You are only allowed ONE seller/buyer account with Fiverr. GG Got it. 🙂 Thanks.
  3. But might be she had changed code, added more features in existing code - As I had given source Code to her 10 month before in delivery package. How Can i work on that now. Withdraw all amount and Better I will shutdown . I don’t want to work for her anymore.
  4. But might be she had changed code, added more features in existing code - As I had given source Code to her 10 month before in delivery package. How Can i work on that now.
  5. Nope 🙂 I have offered 5 Revisions only. Her code & website is live for the last 10 months. Now the client wants to use - Revisions. if it is mandatory to accept. then Whats the point of slight_smile: Delivery | Time Frame | Due Clearance Period | Source Code Handover.
  6. 10month ago I had delivered an order of $5000, Fiverr deducted its 20% fees and paid me $4000 after all due clearance time cleared. In parallel, I delivered all work, Code, Apps Code everything via the Fiverr platform under DELIVER ORDER Button. Now After 10-month Buyer Filed a case on Fiverr and asking to fix the issue and problems - She wants to use the unused Revisions on the 10-month-old delivered Work + She owns the source code. I denied working without a new order. She Contacted me personally, Wrote a negative review on Google, Threatening me with negative marketing on social media. Can anyone Advice what should I do? I had worked for her a lot but can not work my whole life for $4000. Right.
  7. Customer Support is very business at present and can take up to 10 days to reply. We are just buyers and sellers on the forum so only Customer Support can help you with this. Ohh, M sorry I had already waited for 5 days than I wrote this. I had no idea that customer support can take up to 10 days to respond. My Query is the last 15 days old. I only found this session So I wrote here. By the way thanks for sharing the information about customer support response time. I had no clue about it 🙂
  8. Hi, I have done 8-10 projects on Fiverr + my ratings and everything is fine. My $2800 stuck on Fiverr now, Its been a week I am trying to figure out my mistake and happy to resolve it if it is related to my deliveries and client. Customer Support is not replying. My business and communication were okay. All clients are okay. I am totally blank now and I really need that money. Even I am not sure or confident about replying any customer requirement and close sale because Fiverr is not clearing the picture of our Account. Fiverr should Notify if it is related to anything like: **1. Multiple logins or forced account login from multiple locations or devices. ** 2. Any customer complaint or concern. (New Order, Delivered Orders, Ongoing Order) 3. Any Pending issues in our account verification. (Paypal etc) 4. The suspicious pattern of doing business. Screenshot 2020-09-22 at 12.04.48 AM1289×470 43.2 KBPlease Help.
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