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  1. If you ask me how good Adobe Illustrator can be. I will tell you how awesome Adobe Illustrator CC was! Designing art and logo with Adobe Illustrator sure does bring back good memory during my high school days in the early 2000s. The apps itself back then doesn't have a lot of tools, but still fun to design the art out of your head. Did you know? Back in my high school day during senior year, my art I won the first place at the art gallery with $600 prize is the art I designed with Adobe Illustrator to created art.
    Adobe Illustrator CC now today was so much better than the oldest retro version. Because it had 3D features you can create out of your logo and text!

    Did you know? Most professional comic artists on DeviantART, including myself used Adobe Illustrator to create comic character design by using pen tool! 

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