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  1. Even though the Wolf (Lewis) wasn't the only psychopath killer Sarah will ever come across and face with him later when he appearance in "The Final Last Stand: Fear No Evil" Vol.2 comic book series. There are some bizarre behavior about the Wolf in his past before the virus outbreak started. Of course, there are a lot of new different type of enemies out there, including weird kind of zombie (infected) bosses not only she will encounter, but some of her group who later meet her at the abandoned motel.

    Looking forward to design the zombies boss full body character concept artwork, including the crazies, cannibal, and psychotic (mentally insane) humans enemy that including the "Wolf". You don't want to know what does the Wolf did to his victims. It also happened to some of the group Sarah and Johnny (the homeless) are with have gone missing. Hopefully Sarah's youngest brother and his best friend Ashley wasn't end up dead in the hands of the Wolf!

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