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  1. New character adding to "The Final Last Stand" zombie post-apocalyptic comic series. He was Sarah new worst enemy she encounter with during her trip to the abandoned food supermarket with a dog when he try to knock her out with the hammer.

    "The Wolf" who's real named was Lewis Davis, and he will often track down and hunt his victims, stragglers. Wolf was once a follower of religious-cult before he was expelled from the group for disobeying the cult-leader command.

    Wolf is a skill hunter and a loner lurking in the woods, but some survivor said he traveling with the pack of wolves. However, there is no proof of evident supported their claimed about the Wolf.

    New character concept art, "The Wolf".

    Yes. Sarah was his enemy he tried to kill, but failed. Thanks to (a German Shepherd) dog who saved Sarah (the main female protagonist) life.


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