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  1. Scanning the San Diego area on Google Earth images for working on environment/landscape to creates some scenery concept art in the "The Final Last Stand" game art book and the comic series. Of course, the natures has been taking over the whole United States since the deadly outbreak started when the virus spreading quickly in March 2024. Not just the U.S., but the whole. World.

    The Dark Quarantine area used to run by the C.D.C., the Military and the U.S. National Guards are the most terrifying place. It very dark. And no survivors ever try to enter the quarantine area inside the abandoned hospital. Who knows if there any vaccine left in there. Everyone are struggling to find the vaccine, and they will keep fighting to survive...

    Even some stragglers are willing to take the risk for the vaccine inside the abandoned hospital, if they knew the building are fill with the walking dead.

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