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  1. These are two images portrait I used A.I. Artbreeder to created for the early development how I envisioned my male character Jason Drake (who used to be the former Night City Police Detective), would be like in the final character for game.

    This is just an early development I'm looking forward to create a game final full body of Jason Drake character concept art with him wearing detective in civilian outfit and N.C. Police uniform.

    The first portrait was Jason before he was sentenced to 20 years in California Federal Prison he was set up by the corrupted cop, his partner he worked in the Night City Police Department beginning in 2057.

    The second image was Jason when he turned 50 before he was released from California Federal Prison, then searching for the criminal who responsible for his wife death.

    The images I will used for my personal project with two different story of the characters concept art designs idea for the final project only in game and comic and work close with developer and game director on future project.

    Jason Drake.jpg


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