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  1. Order cancelled after 9 days and buyer have deleted the account. what should I do ?
  2. Thank you so much for your best advice. Can I call you dear?
  3. If I cancel the order and he gave me negative review then?
  4. write the email with complete description send the fiverr support customer I have also sent and they said that fiverr system do these type of things they have not doing such thing. and they said sorry
  5. I have 23 positive reviews on the gig
  6. Buyer wants to cancel the order. what should I do? He says that the quality of work is not good. But I have create a quality of work as I do for others. Now? Should I accept the cancellation? or decline. Looking forward to positive answer!
  7. Why? What happened with sellers gig?
  8. Yes, Status are active but not showing!
  9. Yes, Gigs are active but in the search “facebook video ads” was on second page but now is not available. NOW???
  10. As you see that my gig have 21 5-star reviews. The main search is “facebook video ads” and you have also use filters. My gig without filter was on second page And you can also see that there are many gigs near my gig which have no reviews. now???.
  11. Why not… Here is the link Fiverr.com saqlain95 : I will create shopify facebook video ads for dropshipping...For only $5, saqlain95 will create shopify facebook video ads for dropshipping products. | NeedFacebook Product Video Adsthat really convert?I'm aProfessional Digital Marketer turned Video Editor, and have been creating short Ads...
  12. I have also connect to CS but they cannot solve the problem. Now?
  13. Gig is active but not showing in the result of any page?
  14. My gig was on 2nd page but it is not showing in any search result. What happened to -my gig?
  15. Scanning for viruses… I have this issue about an hour. What should I do?
  16. Thank you so much! I have got the tip amount in pending amounts. Thanks again.
  17. Thank you so much for this great advice.
  18. Buyer give me $7 tip but I have not receive. Why? Screenshot (281)1226×757 73.3 KB
  19. I have a great buyer who talk to me and then place order. I have been waiting for two days I have sent messages also but not responding. What should I do?
  20. Thank you so much for your great advice…
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