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  1. Hi Everyone I hope you all are doing great? can someone please tell me about seller plus. I found this feature and am curious about it.. How does it help me as a seller?
  2. HI Everyone. Can someone please enlighten me about the new feature i just saw on my fiverr page? called Seller Plus?
  3. Thank you all for all your Response! I really appreciate!
  4. Hello Fellow fiverrians and good day. Please I am experiencing a little issue with a buyer and I need some tips. So the buyer placed an order and started the order without submitting requirements. I messaged the buyer but she didn't reply me often times I left her a message without her replies.. Now the order is passed due delivery and yet no response.. what should I do in this regards and I have been having issues like this and cancelled the order and now my order completion rate has gone down and I dont want to cancel this order,, Please advices needed on this regard.
  5. it’s some kind of visual bug perhaps , contacting support will definitely solve the issue Thank you. I just contacted the support team!!
  6. No I don’t. The order shows as complete from the order page and then In revision On my dashboard.
  7. No It’s not. When I click on the revision is shows order already completed. meanwhile on my dashboard it shows in revision and 60days late.
  8. I honestly have no Idea. I hope it’s some glitch
  9. Yes I did delivered on time the order was marked as completed! I don’t know why it resurrected after 60days, showing late and also In revision
  10. Hi and good day everyone!!. Please I am experiencing a little Issue on my order. So I have completed this order about 60days ago, but yesterday the same order appeared on my dashboard IN REVISION and About 60 days late., Has anyone experienced this type of issue before if so Kindly refer to me what to do, I have tried updating, clearing my browsing history and it still show 60days late on my dashboard, Please I need help. Thanks In anticipation of you kind replies.
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