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  1. keep patience… its the problem you will face as a new comer
  2. How do you know this? Tip number five: Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers Cause i personally know him
  3. Hi Everyone, What’s up? Recently I noticed that i got some offer what was sent form a seller. Even, I personally know a seller who post an offer. He even don’t need the service. I just want to know, what should i do if i face the fake buyer.? How could i always justify that he is a real buyer? Please help me. Thanks?
  4. Keep patience, be positive. You will get order soon bro/
  5. Thanks for reply but after that accident I already answered two messages but still now it is not reducing.
  6. Hi, good day to all. I just check my spam message folder and found there a message. I just answered the following message and suddenly my response rate became high. Now, i want to reduce the response rate. Somebody please give me a suggestion how could i reduce this? Is this response rate will take a cost of my profile or gig?
  7. don’t lose hope. you will get the offer very soon.
  8. welcome to the family. hope you will get order soon
  9. I am a bird lover and I have birds in my house. I just take care of them and talk and play with them. 🙂
  10. be confident and don’t disappointed brother. inshaAllah you will get order very soon.
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