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  1. I’m sorry, but I haven’t gotten a single order since registering in august, so please don’t play victim… “last few weeks”… gosh. Have some patience…
  2. Sorry, but some people are here for months without receiving their first order. You’ve joined hardly a month ago. Just be patient.
  3. Do you guys have nothing better to do? Like really… there’s always gonna be people like that, you literally won’t change anything by having 1 or 2 people banned. I’ve reported a ton of scamming buyers and there’s even more popping up so I just moved on with it.
  4. You’ve joined just 3 days ago… Have some patience… Geez
  5. Wow… just wow. Makes me rethink my choice of getting on this platform…
  6. Also the sample he wanted me to do was to shorten the skirt of a girl’s picture. And my stupid self did it. He was 100% a perv that wasn’t even planning to buy anything. It didn’t matter that I watermarked the photo heavily and reduced its quality - he probably wanted to do his thing.
  7. Once a customer wanted a sample from me before accepting the offer. I made the sample with limited quality and a watermark and sent it to them after which they never responded so I reported them and blocked them. There’s a ton of weird, creepy and scammy people in here. I would advise you to never do free samples again. Cheers and stay vigilant!
  8. He might just be trying to gouge you. There’s a crap ton of scammers in here.
  9. She probably meant that you should upload a profile picture of yourself so that people can actually see a human, not a logo.
  10. Don’t worry! Just keep working on your offers and it’s all gonna work out. Hmu when you get your first sale haha! Cheers! x
  11. No it’s alright. Read the info in the link and start working on your gigs. Also you can check other people’s gigs out and use them as a template. Don’t copy them, just look at what they’re offering. I’m talking about other sellers that offer the same services as you, of course!
  12. Check this out: Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide
  13. Well I’m a newbie here as well - 5 days or so and I got several messages but the people either didn’t respond or were probably scammers. So I still haven’t had my first sale. It just takes time and patience. Good luck! edit: NEVER put “unlimited revisions” or “100% money-back guarantee” in your gigs!
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