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  1. It might affect the guys rating and he clearly said the buyer does not want to cancel
  2. Then simply contact customer service. I suggest sending a screenshot of the buyer profile to Ensure sellers are careful around him AND you can ALSO review the buyer with a Low rating which prevents other sellers from accepting his orders! I hate buyers like this man and I feel bad for you I would definitely help if I had the power. It’s really sad that this happens a lot…
  3. Ohhhh thank you. Ijsindinidnid forgive this part fiverr has a 20 character limit on posts 😬
  4. I noticed next to the request there is a letter under the request bar? What do those mean? image2102×769 269 KB
  5. It takes time and effort for your gigs to be ranked and to even get an order. But when you do, you will be very happy. I hope you get there like I did! Now about your gigs: I think your titles very much describe your GIGS and your descriptions are well structured. Your services are useful and unique and your packages are fair. If I were a buyer and I required this service? I would definitely order. All and all your gigs look appealing and you will rise up the ranks I’m sure!
  6. Very helpful JUST got an order with this strategy haha
  7. It could be your video MIGHT have some copyright material like music, or video or pictures etc and fiverr does not allow it to become public, try changing your gig video or make sure you don’t have any copyrighted material in your video!
  8. I would actually give some tips but I’m new to this Soo… sry 😃
  9. Sometimes the buyers may request but they may not necessarily accept your offer, they may have found another seller or they don’t require the service anymore? 🙂
  10. In the 3 years, I have been here it has been normal for me and if you use the search feature on the forum you will see that it has happened to many sellers. Oh hey thanks for mentioning my topic! Also this is pretty unfair for all us sellers and new sellers should work themselves up the ranks!
  11. You can file a dispute asking the buyer to cancel the order. This will affect your gig tho and people may see,
  12. This is his first post at least be kind to him! If he is a new seller he may not be familiar with the fiverr forum interface. Come one just be nicer
  13. This doesn’t apply to me btw This just happened to a friend of mine and he wanted me to find out if this happened
  14. You have been working on fiverr for a very Long time with your gig usually being very high on the search list and suddenly, some OTHER new persons gig comes in and pushes your gig to the last page.(Not trying to be rude in anyway but it’s unfair how people have been on fiverr for so Long with a well maintained gig suddenly being pushed down by a new guy with no orders or barely any click and impressions. This has happened to meNo my gig is still normalReplied0voters
  15. Hmm so basically SEO is useless Woah there goes my 7 dollars
  16. So do you suggest I add ‘If there are any other topics you want your server to be about, please contact me!’
  17. Nah there are more subjects not just that if a buyer contacts me I can arrange
  18. Maybe 4 are actually relevant to your gig. And yes the service included upgraded title,desc and tags and SEO title
  19. Maybe 4 are actually relevant to your gig. The other things like games are supposed to be the topics of the server
  20. Nah like upgrading description and SEO title that should increase your exposure
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