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  1. Great news! I’m interested in being invited to Seller Plus. And I’ve been using Fiverr Promoted gig Feature actively since a while and it’s really helping my business. Looking forward to use this new feature as well.
  2. We are really sorry to hear so, However it’s the game of choosing best amongst bests. But the market isn’t saturated anymore, Fiverr is promoting new sellers nowadays. No Doubt, which is a good thing. But many undeserving sellers having no skills are privileged with this ranking algorithm. That’s why it’s highly recommended to cross check the portfolio artworks before placing an order. I hope you will never experience the same, This market is full of talent and as this isn’t a parallel universe, there are few dumbs also who just resell the orders. Best Wishes! Thanks Team Memaker
  3. I guess you are repeating the keyword, Please check!
  4. By the way, one straight forward question, How you came to know that your Gig Rank has been lost?
  5. Oh, That’s fine! Are you the one? If yes, then how’s your experience till now?
  6. I can’t see that! Can you please assist me where I can see that, Please!
  7. Very well Said @jonbaas, Can’t stop laughing! Serious sellers won’t ask for the tips as they are confident on their skills, the only thing we may add is be honest to whatever you are about to serve, Hoping for the best future @mamunislam85 Best Regards Abhyuday from Memaker
  8. Whoo! That’s really awesome, By the way I was expecting the same! But they did it superbly fast, appreciate it! At last I would thank to Energetic Fiverr CS team, and many congrats to you dear!
  9. There is no such need for marketing, just keep bidding to the buyer requests (If you can do the required work)! And if you have a good number of leads, then please do share your gig to them and increase your reach but again, in my opinion, it won’t help you! Just be online and create eye-catching gigs, Fiverr will handle the rest! Best Regards Abhyuday from Memaker
  10. That’s really appreciable, go through that and make the guidelines clear to yourself, That’s the only Success Mantra. Respect their rules and be honest! Best Regards Abhyuday from Memaker
  11. Hi @sujon10khan, Hopefully, you are doing well, as already listed by tons of successful sellers there is no such shortcut! Please be honest in whatever you are here to sell, and trust me you’ll be driven with orders. Please do refer to Fiverr blog and do check how the things work, again for the slang How to rank? Here no one has the perfect answer. Best Regards Team Memaker
  12. Hi @trix_designs , A very hearty welcome to Fiverr, from all of us! Best blessings for your brightest future on Fiverr, I am pretty much confident that you’ve already gone through Fiverr TOS! But, If you haven’t yet then please try to read the whole once, trust me it helps a lot. There is no such things, no one can predict the date! Please be honest to what you are doing, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy working here! Again, Rock the Market place, best wishes! Best Regards Team Memaker
  13. We understand your urgency, but the thing is this all is not of any use as the helping hands are already overburdened, By the way you may try that once again, and please use the words to show your urgency, because as everyone is saying, they are really busy with urgent issues! Again I feel sad for you but, courtesy they all are helpless as for now, Keep Trying
  14. I guess it can be changed, Please do contact Fiverr CS for the best possible help! They Are really awesome, they might be slow nowadays but they will surely assist you. Thanks Abhyuday from Memaker
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